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Update on the early unit standards in your apprentice’s training

Skills Group is pleased to announce the purchase of Instep, a leading New Zealand provider of health and wellbeing solutions in the workplace.

Instep is well known for:
  • Employee Assistant Programmes
  • Critical Incident Support
  • Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Programmes
  • Fitness for Work Training

All Instep programmes are based on clinically-based research and the business has been supporting major clients, such as Air NZ and St John, for over a decade.   
“The latest stats show that 23% of all employees report increased stress at work and depression now ranks among the top three workplace problems. It is a non-negotiable for Skills Group to support members, firms and trainees with access to critical health and wellbeing services” - Garry Fissenden, CEO, Skills Group
Instep’s long-standing presence in the wellness market will allow Skills Group to offer a new set of critical services to our industries. Plus, with Instep’s premium network of psychologists, counsellors, first responders and consultants committed to staying on, it will also ensure the continuity of great service.

The Instep and Skills Group ethos is very complementary, with both organisations sharing a common desire to help firms and individuals in New Zealand reach their potential and work productively.

If you’d like to find out more about how you or your team can take advantage of these new opportunities, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,
Garry Fissenden
CEO, Skills Group